Energy Demand & Mobility

Welcome to the research group Energy Demand & Mobility (EDM) at the Chair of Energy Economics


Group profile

Achieving greenhouse-gas-neutral economies requires deep decarbonization across all sectors. In the past, the transformation processes of individual sectors were often analyzed in isolation. The integration of large shares of renewable energy requires integrated approaches to effectively incentivize flexibility provision and emission reductions. The optimal allocation of climate protection measures opens up a variety of complex socio-techno-economic research questions, particularly given the broad diversity of stakeholders and the multitude of novel technology options.

Within this context, the research group 'Energy Demand and Mobility' at the Chair of Energy Economics conducts research on coordinated emission reduction strategies across the energy, mobility, household, and industry sectors. To better understand the future uptake of low-carbon technologies and efficiency measures within and interdependencies between sectors, we apply highly interdisciplinary approaches from economics, engineering, computer science, and sociology. Our main methods are based on energy system modeling, such as optimization tools, agent-based simulation, machine learning, econometrics as well as socio-economic empirical approaches. We have a comprehensive exchange with international partners from academia and industry. National and federal German ministries, the European Commission, and industry provide funding for the research projects in the group.