The IIP congratulates PhD Felix Hübner

The IIP congratulates PhD Felix Hübner about receiving the Science Award of the KIT Faculty of Economics in the category "Interdisciplinary Work". Mr. Hübner receives the award for his doctoral thesis on "Planning and Modeling of the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities under Consideration of Uncertainties - An Example for the Planning of Large Projects".

Bild chemisches RecyclingKIT IIP
KIT and Audi Work on Recycling Method for Automotive Plastics

The THINKTANK Industrial Resource Strategies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is launching a pilot project for chemical recycling with Audi to return mixed plastic fractions from cars to a resource-saving cycle. As part of the project, the Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC) and the IIP are testing the technical feasibility of chemical recycling and are balancing the recovery path. To the project page incl. press release.



Congratulations from IIP for Mr. Rambhia

We congratulate M.Sc. Mihir Rambhia for winning the Copernicus Hackathon in the thematic area of "Urban areas". WHO recommends that "everyone should be able to access 0,5 to 1 ha of green spaces within 300m of their homes". Mihir Rambhia developed a tool to analyze the distribution and accessibility of green spaces within a city. With this, city administrators can plan greening and prioritize the management. For further details, please click here.

Online Workshop of the Society for Operations Research (GOR)

On October 8 and 9, 2020, a joint online workshop of the GOR working groups "Decision Theory and Practice", "OR in Environmental Protection" and "Project Management and Scheduling" took place. About 50 scientists met at Zoom to present and discuss their current work in the fields of decision theory, multi-criteria optimization and the use of operations research in the fields of environmental protection, energy economics, production economics as well as project management and scheduling. The Institute for Industrial Production (IIP) was also represented with two contributions. Further information can be found here.

The DFIU congratulates Jann Weinand

The DFIU congratulates Mr. Weinand, who successfully passed his doctoral examination on "Energy System Analysis of Energy Autonomous Municipalities"  in September 2020.

The DFIU congratulates Maximilian Schücking

The DFIU congratulates Mr. Schücking, who successfully passed his doctoral examination in July 2020 on "Techno-economic optimization and environmental evaluation of electric vehicles in commercial fleets" as an external doctoral researcher.

Starting signal for the project "VerSEAS"

The virtual kick-off meeting of the VerSEAS project took place on September 14, 2020. The aim of the three-year research project is to analyze the security of supply in a transformed electricity system with extreme shares of renewable energies and strong sector coupling. The work is carried out in cooperation with the project partners TU Dresden, Fraunhofer ISI and ESA² GmbH. Further details can be found here.

Seminars are online

All seminars for the winter semester 2020/21 offered by the IIP are now online. You can find more information here and here.

Dr. Keles leaves IIP

Dogan Keles will leave the IIP in July to start as a professor in Applied Economics at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where he will head the Energy System Analysis group. The IIP thanks him for his commitment over the past 13 years, congratulates him on the new position and wishes him all the best for the future.

The IIP congratulates Thomas Dengiz

On June 30th, Mr. Dengiz successfully passed his doctoral examination. The topic of his Ph.D.-thesis was "Optimization approaches for exploiting the load flexibility of electric heating devices in smart grids". The IIP congratulates him.

The IIP congratultes Mr. Yilmaz

On June 8th, Mr. Hasan Ümitcan Yilmaz successfully passed his doctoral examination. The topic of his Ph.D.-thesis was "Analyzing decarbonization strategies for Europe with advanced energy system modelling". The IIP congratulates him.

Preview WorkshopKIT-IIP
Expert workshop as part of the PREVIEW project

The second expert workshop within the framework of the PREVIEW project took place on 19./20. February 2020 with experts from public authorities, science and industry. A particular focus was placed on the validation of the working concept developed within the project and the requirements analysis of the demonstrator to be developed.


IIP congratulates Mariana Burkhardt

On February 6th, Mariana Burkhardt successfully passed her doctoral examination. The topic of her Ph.D.-thesis was "Impacts of natural disasters on supply chain performance". The IIP congratulates her.

Green light for new project „DeMoBat“

On January 23, 2020, the Minister of Environment, Mr. Franz Untersteller, submitted the funding agreement for the research project "DeMoBat - Industrial dismantling of battery modules and electric motors to secure economic strategic raw materials for e-mobility"  in Stuttgart.
The IIP is responsible in this collaborative project for the coordination of the higher-level research on market potential, business models, as well as for the development of logistics concepts. Further information can be found here and here.