Chair of Business Adminstration, Production and Operations Management

Prof. Dr. Frank Schultmann

Techno-economic analyses of industrial value chains

Chair of Energy Economics

Prof. Dr. Wolf Fichtner

Techno-economic questions along the

whole energy

supply chain

Project and Resource Management in the built environment:
Research Goal:

Material and energy flows, circular economy, sustainable building, air pollution control, climate and environmental protection strategies

Dr.-Ing. Rebekka Volk


Distributed Energy Systems and Networks:

Research Goal: Distributed energy systems and intelligent markets / networks, model-based energy system analysis
Dr. rer. pol. Armin Ardone

Risk Management:

Research Goal:
Supply chain risks, market risks, crisis management and
behavioral risks

Dr.-Ing. Forian Kaiser 


Energy Markets and Energy Systems Analysis:

Research Goal: Development and application of decision support models

Dr. Emil Kraft

Sustainable Value Chains:

Research Goal:
Material and energy flows, industrial process chains, bioeconomy and industrial
resource efficiency

M Sc. Andreas Rudi


Transport and Energy:

Research Goal:
Effects of electric vehicles on energy systems and
material flows
M. Sc. Manuel Ruppert




Energy and Behavior:
Research Goal:  Application of empirical methods to evaluate social acceptance and user behavior in the context of renewable energies and sustainable mobility
Contact: Dr. Daniel Sloot