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At the Institute for Industrial Production (IIP), we work on current and future issues in the fields of production and energy on a scientific basis and with close links to industrial applications.

In numerous research projects, our interdisciplinary team develops application-oriented solutions for design, planning, and operation of sustainable industrial systems, often in cooperation with partners from science and practice.

The IIP consists of the following chairs: 

  • Chair of Business Administration, Production and Operations Management, and
  • Chair of Energy Economics.

The IIP also works closely with the French-German Institute for Environmental Research (DFIU).

The Chair of Business Administration, Production and Operations Management conducts techno-economic analyzes of industrial value chains with a focus on the areas of risk management, circular economy, integrated environmental protection measures, resource management, and biomass applications. Moreover, issues related to production planning, logistics, and supply chain management are investigated.

The Chair of Energy Economics analyzes techno-economic questions along the entire energetic value chain starting with primary energy production through energy conversion and transport finishing with energy distribution and use. In this context, topics from the sectors electricity, gas, heat, and transport are investigated, whereby the energy systems analysis is supplemented by questions regarding acceptance and behavior of actors in the context of the energy transition.

The French-German Institute for Environmental Research develops joint solutions for environmental problems in international, interdisciplinary teams in the Franco-German context and beyond. The activities of the DFIU include energy, mobility, circular economy, risk management, air, water, and land use as well as land management.