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Project and Resource Management in the built environment

Foto der Gruppenmitglieder



The aim of our research group is the decision support for project and resource management in the built environment. With the help of several scientific methods we answer questions which are relevant in practice, e.g. in free market economy. We have the most of our experience in the fields of deconstruction and recycling economy as well in energy efficiency and renewable energies in buildings.


Current projects are dealing with the development of immission reduction concepts for deconstruction, the camera-based assessment of buildings, digital modeling of buildings and the optimization of building and plant deconstruction (including nuclear facilities). Furthermore, we analyse energy efficiency of and renewable energies in districts. Additionally, stakeholders in these districts are analysed to give recommendation how to treat them. Building-integrated photovoltaics in Germany are technologically and economically assessed and environmental instruments in the heating sector are evaluated by integrated modeling of households and buildings. We also focus on the regional resource management in the building industry and its stakeholders to give recommended courses of action for an optimized resource management.


Further topics of our research group are the development of strategies for the adaptation to climate changes, the development of instruments for sustainable construction, the life cycle assessment of buildings, sustainable communal land use management, the optimization of regional material and energy flows, recycling networks and logistic networks of building material.


On our website you will find the contact data of the members of the research group and their fields of competence. You will also find information about our reserach fields and projects. Furthermore, you will find our publications. Students will find relevant information about lectures, seminars and thesis topics here.