Applied Scientific Methods

Decision modelling and decision support

  • statistical and scenario based modelling of decisions under uncertainty (e.g. Monte-Carlo-Simulation)
  • statistical and scenario based modelling of extreme events
  • statistical and scenario based modelling of complex systems
  • development and test of robust systems for (multi-) objective decision support

Game Theoretical Modeling and Simulation

  • Agent-based simulation of strategic interactions
  • Defender attacker games, war gaming and simple forensic analysis
  • Economic contract theory, mechanism design and negotiations (e.g. strategic negotiations in purchasing)
  • Behavioral and psychological game theory

Economic laboratory experiments

  • Survey of preference parameters (e.g. risk aversion, ambiguity aversion, time preference)
  • Analysis of problems of cooperation and coordination (e.g. assessment of willingness to trust, trustworthiness and acceptance, willingness to contribute to a public good)
  • Analysis of strong conflicts of interest and protection strategies (e.g. Defender Attacker Games)
  • Mechanism design and negotiation protocols (e.g. risk shifting, multilateral negotiations)
  • Experimental testing of decision support

Non-experimental, interactive survey methods

  • Expert and stakeholder workshops
  • Structured Interviews
  • Statistical Surveys