Catalyst Research for Sustainable Kerosene (Care-O-Sene)

The "Care-O-Sene" project is coordinated by the Helmholtz Center Berlin and includes a total of 7 partners from research and industry. The project, funded by the BMBF, has the overarching goal of analyzing catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch processes technologically, ecologically and economically. This includes:

  1. The development and testing of newly developed catalysts on a laboratory to pilot scale to find candidates for a successful scale-up
  2. Technical characterization of the developed catalysts in terms of active phases and reactive sites, and analysis of the role of the support. For this purpose, experimental and model-based methods are used.
  3. In the third work package, the scale-up of the developed catalysts should take place.
  4. Finally, a detailed technological, economic and ecological analysis is carried out to determine feasibility, ecological balance and economic key figures.

The cross-departmental project team deals with the techno-economic analysis of the Fischer-Tropsch systems based on data from results of the other work packages.