Transport and Energy

Welcome to the website of the researche group Transport and Energy at the Chair of Energy Economics.


Research focus

Research on coordinated carbon emission reduction strategies in the electricity, heat, gas and transportation sectors

  • Electric vehicles (EV): Market penetration and impact of smart charging of on the (local and national) power system
  • Techno-economic analysis of Power-to-X technologies and (mobile and stationary) energy storage systems in transmission and distribution grids
  • Mobility patterns, user behavior and user acceptance analysis of (technological) innovations in the transportation sector



The following models are used in the Transport and Energy group as part of the research:




  • Energy system analysis (simulation, optimization)

  • Linear and mixed-integer optimization

  • Nonlinear optimization

  • Multicriteria optimization

  • Stochastic programming

  • Scenario analysis

  • Load flow optimization and analysis

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning

  • Transdisciplinary Methods



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