Dr. Mariana Bartsch

Research Interests

  • Supply chain risks management
  • Natural disasters and extreme weather events
  • Climate risks
Open thesis


  1. Solvent-surface interactions control the phase structure in laser-generated iron-gold core-shell nanoparticles
    Wagener, P.; Jakobi, J.; Rehbock, C.; Chakravadhanula, V. S. K.; Thede, C.; Wiedwald, U.; Bartsch, M.; Kienle, L.; Barcikowski, S.
    2016. Scientific reports, 6, 23352. doi:10.1038/srep23352
  2. The supply chain as a complex system in German manufacturing (Abstract)
    Schultmann, F.; Bartsch, M.; Wiens, M.
    2014. IEEE 9th International System of Systems Engineering Conference, June 9-13, 2014, Stamford Grand, Adelaine
  3. Short-time solutions assisting decision makers
    Stamos, I.; Mitsakis, E.; Doll, C.; Ennei, R.; Jaroszweski, D.; Schweighofer, J.; Bartsch, M.; Nokkala, M.; Temme, A.; Kreuz, M.
  4. Guidebook for Enhancing Resilience of European Air Traffic in Extreme Weather Events
    Temme, A.; Kreuz, M.; Mühlhausen, T.; Schmitz, R.; Hyvärinen, O.; Kral, S.; Schätter, F.; Bartsch, M.; Michaelides, S.; Tymvios, F.; Papadakis, M.; Athanasatos, S.
  5. Research agenda for enhanced cross-modal transport substitution and user protection
    Doll, C.; Perrels, A.; Silla, A.; Tuominen, A.; Nokkala, M.; Bartsch, M.; Wiens, M.; Kreuz, M.; Temme, A.; Kochsiek, J.; Jaroszweski, D.
  6. Guidebook for Enhancing Resilience of European Road Transport in Extreme Weather Events
    Doll, C.; Kühn, A.; Peters, A.; Juga, I.; Kral, S.; Enei, R.; Pietroni, F.; Mitsakis, E.; Stamos, I.; Schultmann, F.; Wiens, M.; Schätter, F.; Meng, S.; Bartsch, M.; Kynnös, K.; Hietajärvi, A.-M.; Kostiainen, J.; Mantsinen, H.; Hinkka, V.