ReGrow - Function-integrated lightweight structures for sustainable construction with local renewable raw materials

The ReGrow project opens up new applications in the construction industry for rapidly renewable regional materials such as willow rods and flax fibres. The two robot-assisted 3D manufacturing processes specially adapted for renewable raw materials, willow braiding and free-form winding, are being used. In addition to traditional timber construction, this expands and diversifies the range of locally available forestry and agricultural building materials, thus making an important contribution to the circular economy in the construction industry. This includes the development of a new type of construction and design repertoire and as well as the implementation of appropriate machine technology for the production of load-bearing components. Both technologies are combined in a complementary way to implement a modular concept for the production of functionally integrated building components with renewable raw materials. Within the framework of the project, a demonstrator will be implemented and shown at the "Bundesgartenschau 2023" in Mannheim. A central research building made of wound flax fibres will be used to create a shading and roofing structure that will provide a venue for lectures and exhibitions. In order to be able to evaluate this new approach to sustainable building technology in terms of its environmental effects, the project and corresponding manufacturing processes will be analysed within the context of life cycle assessment.