Urban CCC – Integrated urban district development for climate change challenges in Hanoi

  • contact:

    Dr.-Ing. Rebekka Volk

  • funding:

    DAAD Fact Finding Mission

  • partner:


    Viet Nam Institute for Urban-Rural Planning (VIUP), Ministry of Construction (MOC)

    Energy Management Faculty, Electric Power University (EPU)

    Economics and Management Department, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST)

    National Traffic Safety Committee of Vietnam

    Consulting Center for Transport Development, University of Transport and Communications, Hanoi

    Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

    Department of Forest Resources and Environment Management (FREM), Tay Nguyen University (TNU)

    National Institute of Agriculture Planning and Projection, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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  • end:


URBAN-CCC focuses on measures of climate mitigation and adaptation in urban districts of megacity Hanoi, Vietnam. It combines the regional and cultural expertise of the Vietnamese partners with the perspective of the German partners.

Through the funding program of the DAAD, URBAN-CCC is implementing a fact-finding mission to Hanoi, during which the development of joint project ideas is concretized through joint workshops. In addition, joint field meetings are held for the multiperspectivist discussion of current urban problems in the megacity Hanoi and stakeholders beyond the scientific and administrative field are won over.