SERIOR: Establishment of the Upper Rhine Trinational Graduate Academy "Security-Risk-Orientation"

Project description

Project background

Within this project, the Upper Rhine Trinational Graduate Academy (SERIOR) will be developed. SERIOR is supposed to be a training and education programme for doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers in the upper Rhine region in the area of risk management. SERIOR has an intercultural, interdisciplinary and practical orientation; it tries to bring together different research activities along the upper Rhine.

Project objective

To ensure that the training and education programme is on a high scientific level, new research and teaching instruments will be used. These instuments will be developed and teste within this project. This includes (a) two databases which provide an overview of the relevant research and which allows to apply them in a systematic way, and (b) three manuals which describe major challenges (e.g., risk perception, risk assessment and risk communication) of cross-border research on risk management.

To ensure a hands-on training and education and to foster future innovations, the graduate academy will combine its training programme with a knowledge transfer programme between researchers and practitioners from the industry, poltics and the public