Dipl.-Volkswirt Kilian Seitz

  • IIP
  • group: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency


  • Project: CONCERTO
  • Here you will find a detailed description of CONCERTO Premium
  • Energy System Analysis 

Here you will find an overview about the working goup.



Seitz, K., Fath, K., McKenna, R., Stengel, J., Fichtner, W., Schultmann, F., 2013, Information needs for community-level energy investments: some insights from a CONCERTO questionnaire. Proceedings of the 2013 eceee Summer Study on energy efficiency, Hyeres.

Curriculum Vitae

 Since 01/2011

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe

Research assistant, Chair of Energy Economics

 10/2004 - 07/2010

Studies of Economics, Dresden University of Technology and IAE Lille/France

Majors: Energy Economics and Public Sector Management