Dr. Hans Schermeyer

  • group: Distributed energy systems and networks

Range of Activities

Research Focus

  • Power systems analysis
  • Renewable energy & distributed generation
  • Distribution grid congestion
  • Agent-based modelling and decision making
  • Stochastic modelling



  • Supervision of the seminar „Market integration, renewable energy and decentralized energy systems”
  • Supervision of bachelor, master or diploma theses after consultation. Also check the following announcements
  • Support of the lecture „energy politics“ at the chair of energy economics


Research Projects


Supervised theses

  • Methodological and technical analysis of Levelized Cost of Electricity in Germany (Master thesis)
  • Analysis of renewable curtailment management in german distribution grids (Bachelor thesis)
  • Research, selection and implementation of power production for wind and photovoltaic generation units in Germany (Bachelor thesis)
  • Analysis of congestion management in the distribution grid (Master thesis)
  • Biogas plants in the balancing power market (Master thesis)
  • Integration of domestic water heaters into a virtual power plant (Bachelor thesis)
  • Load management of households for integration of renewable energy (Bachelor thesis)
  • Cluster analysis of the wind and solar radiation supply on a european scale (Bachelor thesis)

  • Modelling of decentralized demand flexibility potentials for the german power market (Master thesis)

  • Renewable feed-in management in german distribution grids (Bachelor thesis)

  • Segmentation of the german power market with a focus on small and medium-sized companies (Bachelor thesis)

  • Simulaton of the application of power-to-heat in households and district heating networks (Bachelor thesis)

  • Formulation of bidding strategies for flexibility options in the power market (Master thesis)
  • Congestion management in the distribution grid: Analysis of the amount of curtailed energy and the impact caused by the integration of electric mobility (Master thesis)



PhD Theses
Journal Articles
Conference Papers