Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The overarching objectives of the group Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency are the techno-economic analysis and appraisal of energy-efficient and renewable policies and technologies, as well as their potentials.

To offer decision support for different planning activities optimization models have been developed and are employed, in particular the PERSEUS  (Program Package for Emission Reduction Strategies in Energy Use and Supply) program package and more recently the TIMES (The Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System) model. 

In the area of Energy Efficiency the current research foci lie in the analysis of CHP technologies and political instruments such as White Certificates. In the area of Renewable Energy the focus is on model-based analysis of the integration of renewable energy technologies into the energy system; current projects are concerned with energetic biomass utilization through different conversion pathways. Cross-cutting research activities concern the assessment of measures to increase energy efficiency and integrate renewable energy measures in an urban context.

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