INCA: A Decision Support Framework for Improving Cross-border Area Resilience to Disasters

Project description

Project background

How is it possible to support cross-border urban areas resilience to disasters? Intrinsic issues of cross border urban areas’ resilience to unexpected large-scale events remain an open scientific question as well as a burning but unaddressed concern for practitioners.

Project objective

The aim of the project is to contribute to the understanding and to the enhancing of cross-border area resilience with regard to the risk of disasters by considering two topics in particular: the resilience of medical dependent citizens and the management of volunteers in a cross-border area. Scientific knowledge and decision-makers’ contributions to cross border areas resilience to disasters will be enhanced with an interdisciplinary approach combining conceptual and empirical research, decision support system engineering and a campaign of experiments.
Results of the project will be novel models for the thematic of cross border area resilience and on the perspective of medical dependent citizens and volunteers; a decision support system constituted of an assessment tool and a multi-agents system based simulation software; a set of experiments rapports on the utility, usability and acceptability of the solution developed and practical experience for resilience to disaster stakeholders.