Cross Border Mobility for Electric Vehicles (CROME)

The vision of the CROME research project is to design, enable and analyse cross-border, secure, user-friendly and reliable electromobility between France and Germany in order to provide answers to questions concerning the European standardisation process of the electromobility infrastructure (grid connection, cable, etc.) and electromobility services (authentication, billing, roaming, reservation, etc.).

In this joint project with German and French industrial and research partners, the following overarching objectives are being pursued:

- Demonstration of cross-border traffic with electric vehicles

- Design & testing of a cross-border compatible charging infrastructure (charging plugs, charging cables, charging communication, access systems, services, etc.)

- Testing of novel e-mobility concepts (roaming, etc.)

- Evaluation of cross-border user behaviour

 In addition to the organization of the CROME project at KIT, the IIP is concerned with the analysis of all processes in Germany and France to create a user and acceptance analysis. For a holistic view of electric mobility, data from all processes must be collected. This includes economic processes such as price strategies and business cases, technical processes such as driving and charging, and sociological processes such as acceptance development. A special focus is placed on data that enable the identification of national characteristics, their evaluation and dissemination.