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The secretariats are currently closed and no face-to-face meetings take place in the building. We can be reached by e-mail and telephone at the usual times, and automatic forwarding has been set up for most telephone lines.

You will find the e-mail addresses of the institute staff on this page.

Further current information of KIT on the coronavirus can be found on the KIT homepage.  

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Closing event of the SuMo-Rhine project - "Promotion of sustainable mobility in the Upper Rhine region"

The SuMo-Rhine research project coordinated by DFIU celebrated its closing event on November 17, 2021 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The event took place in attendance at the University of Freiburg. In addition, a live stream was offered over the internet.

The IIP congratulates Ms. Klein

The IIP congratulates Ms. Miriam Klein, who successfully completed her PhD examination on "Cross-Border Collaboration in Disaster Management " in October 2021.

Das IIP gratuliert Frau Schwärzel

Das IIP gratuliert Frau Amelie Schwärzel, die im November 2021 mit ihrer Bachelorarbeit zu dem Thema „Öffentlich-Private Partnerschaften im Krisenkontext aus Firmenperspektive – eine empirische Untersuchung“ den zweiten Platz des DKKV Förderpreis 2021 erlangt hat (weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie hier).

Closing event of the project PREVIEW

The closing event of the PREVIEW project took place on September 28, 2021. Participants from authorities, science and industry contributed to the interactive knowledge transfer. The project duration extends until February 2022 for the last remaining activities. Further information can be found  here and on the project website.

RESEARCH TO BUSINESS reports about an innovative project planning tool

"Project planning with added value" - this is the title of a current report in the KIT blog RESEARCH TO BUSINESS about a project planning tool developed by IIP and RODIAS GmbH. The planning tool, brought to market as software product OPTIRA, was developed within the BMBF-funded research projects MogaMaR and NukPlaRStoR. The development was supported by VPC Nukleare Dienstleistungen GmbH with know-how from nuclear dismantling.

Infographic BioGraphie BW presents bioeconomy research in the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg

To mark the conclusion of the Bioeconomy Baden-Wuerttemberg research program, an interactive infographic BioGraphie BW has been developed. The graphic offers different approaches to the exciting questions of the bioeconomy and lets researchers of the research program themselves have their say.

The IIP has participated in bioeconomy research with three projects. In the modeling research network, different approaches for the quantitative assessment of biobased value chains were investigated; in a follow-up project, selected holistic approaches were further developed; and in the B4B collaborative project, a lignocellulosic biorefinery was evaluated for the bioeconomy in Baden-Württemberg.

Funded by the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, Baden-Württemberg scientists spent around seven years researching bioeconomic raw materials, processes, products, their interaction and their effects.



Lecture on "Big Data Analytics in Investment Purchasing"

On November 4th, from 10:30 am to 12:00, Mr. Wiens and Mr. Kaiser will give a lecture organized by the BME Association on the subject of “Big Data Analytics in Investment Purchasing - Process Value-Oriented Investment Analysis of Digitization Objects”. Registration and further information here.

Nuplastor + researchKIT
The IIP wins two transfer awards

Two teams of the IIP were awarded in June 2021 at the KIT innovation competition NEULAND in the category Transfer Award: The 2nd prize was awarded to the model “REᶟASON (Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Analysis and System OptimizatioN) developed at the Chair of Energy Economics, which greenventory GmbH now uses to plan sustainable energy systems. The 3rd prize was awarded to the model "NukPlaRStoR" developed at the Chair of Production and Operations Management and resulting from the BMBF-project “Development of a user-friendly cost-optimizing planning tool for nuclear dismantling projects”. NukPlaRStoR is integrated into the project planning software OPTIRA More information about the award ceremony can be found here.

KIT: Renewable energies: Mountain panorama with wind turbine undesirable

Whether foothills of the Alps, low mountain ranges, or seashores - in Germany's most beautiful landscapes, the expansion of wind power often meets with rejection. Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), together with partners from Great Britain and Denmark, have investigated what exactly this means for the energy turnaround. In the journal Patterns, they calculate that the cost of a kilowatt hour could rise by up to seven cents and CO₂ emissions by up to 200 grams. More

The IIP congratulates Dr. Marcus Wiens

The IIP congratulates Dr. Marcus Wiens, who successfully completed the habilitation procedure in June 2021 and thus obtained the Venia Legendi for the discipline Business Administration and Management. The title of the habilitation thesis: "Resilient Systems - an Economic, Operational, and Behavioral Perspective".

Two nominations for NEULAND - the innovation award 2021

The IIP was nominated twice for NEULAND - the innovation competition 2021: For the transfer award "Re3son (Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Analysis and System Optimization) model" for the Chair of Energy Economics and "Development of a modern cost-optimizing planning tool for nuclear dismantling projects" for the Chair of Business Administration, Production and Operations Management. Details you'll find here.

News about NOLAN-Projekt

The NOLAN project is now officially part of the KIT research program on the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find out more here.

Cooperation of IIP and Helmholtz-AI at ZDF

The ZDF reports on current work of the IIP in cooperation with the Energy AI consultants of Helmholtz on the detection of thermal bridges in existing buildings using Artificial Intelligence. For more information click here and on ZDF-Mediathek online (from minute 58.20).

The IIP congratules Mr. Müller

The IIP congratulates Mr. Richard Carl Müller, who successfully passed his doctoral examination on „Decision support for planning and evaluation of sustainable industrial value chains - illustrated by the example of vehicle parts"  in May 2021.

The IIP congratulates Christoph Fraunholz

The IIP congratulates Mr. Christoph Fraunholz, who successfully passed his doctoral examination on „Market Design for the Transition to Renewable Electricity Systems"  in May 2021.

The IIP congratulates Mr. Sloot

The IIP congratulates Mr. Daniel Sloot, who successfully completed his Ph.D. examination on "Bringing Community and Environment Together: The role of community in sustainability transitions" at the Faculty "Behavioral and Social Sciences" of the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) in April 2021.