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The secretariats are currently closed and no face-to-face meetings take place in the building. We can be reached by e-mail and telephone at the usual times, and automatic forwarding has been set up for most telephone lines.

You will find the e-mail addresses of the institute staff on this page.

Further current information of KIT on the coronavirus can be found on the KIT homepage.  

The IIP congratulates Mrs. Ried

The IIP congratulates Sabrina Ried, who successfully passed her doctoral examination on „Gesteuertes Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen in Verteilnetzen mit hoher Einspeisung erneuerbarer Energien – ein Beitrag zur Kopplung von Elektrizitäts- und Verkehrssektor”  in January 2021.

The IIP congratulates Khuong Phuong

The IIP congratulates Mts. Khuong Phuong, who successfully passed her doctoral examination on „Urbanisation and renewable energies in ASEAN: multi-disciplinary approaches to analysing past and future trends”  in December  2020.

Namares video is online

The Namares project video was developed during the status conference and is now available online:

IIP obtains the support of the Helmholtz AI

We are pleased about the support of Helmholtz AI in the next six months by Energy @ KIT in our project "Drones flight for energetic district analysis"

Artikel über Forschungsprojekt "CoBiVal"

Im Zuge des Bioökonomiejahres 20/21 ist ein Artikel über über das Forschungsprojekt CoBiVal (Cooperation and Competition in Bioeconomy Value Chains) veröffentlicht, an dem Raphael Heck arbeitet. Hier geht es zum Artikel.

IIP and RODIAS GmbH develop software for optimizing project planning

As part of the two BMBF-funded research projects MogaMaR and NukPlaRStoR, models and methods for optimizing project planning have been developed at the IIP. These models and methods have been available as software product openZELOS of our project partner RODIAS GmbH since mid 2020. A joint extension is planned for the further course of the project. The IIP is pleased about this successful innovation.

The IIP congratulates PhD Felix Hübner

The IIP congratulates PhD Felix Hübner about receiving the Science Award of the KIT Faculty of Economics in the category "Interdisciplinary Work". Mr. Hübner receives the award for his doctoral thesis on "Planning and Modeling of the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities under Consideration of Uncertainties - An Example for the Planning of Large Projects".

Bild chemisches RecyclingKIT IIP
KIT and Audi Work on Recycling Method for Automotive Plastics

The THINKTANK Industrial Resource Strategies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is launching a pilot project for chemical recycling with Audi to return mixed plastic fractions from cars to a resource-saving cycle. As part of the project, the Institute for Technical Chemistry (ITC) and the IIP are testing the technical feasibility of chemical recycling and are balancing the recovery path. To the project page incl. press release.



The IIP congratulates Jann Weinand

The IIP congratulates Mr. Weinand, who successfully passed his doctoral examination on "Energy System Analysis of Energy Autonomous Municipalities"  in September 2020.

The IIP congratulates Maximilian Schücking

The IIP congratulates Mr. Schücking, who successfully passed his doctoral examination in July 2020 on "Techno-economic optimization and environmental evaluation of electric vehicles in commercial fleets" as an external doctoral researcher.

Congratulations from IIP for Mr. Rambhia

We congratulate M.Sc. Mihir Rambhia for winning the Copernicus Hackathon in the thematic area of "Urban areas". WHO recommends that "everyone should be able to access 0,5 to 1 ha of green spaces within 300m of their homes". Mihir Rambhia developed a tool to analyze the distribution and accessibility of green spaces within a city. With this, city administrators can plan greening and prioritize the management. For further details, please click here.

Online Workshop of the Society for Operations Research (GOR)

On October 8 and 9, 2020, a joint online workshop of the GOR working groups "Decision Theory and Practice", "OR in Environmental Protection" and "Project Management and Scheduling" took place. About 50 scientists met at Zoom to present and discuss their current work in the fields of decision theory, multi-criteria optimization and the use of operations research in the fields of environmental protection, energy economics, production economics as well as project management and scheduling. The Institute for Industrial Production (IIP) was also represented with two contributions. Further information can be found here.