Energy system analysis and environment: research areas

Overview of the research group

The overriding objective of the research group “Energy system analysis and environment” is the techno-economic analysis of energy systems and material flows to provide answers to strategically and/or environmentally relevant problems. As well as focussing on energy systems and material flows of nations and regions, those relating to individual firms are also considered. Strategically relevant problems relate to, inter alia, capacity expansion and deployment planning, supply chain optimisation and technology assessment. Environmentally (as well as strategically) relevant problems include the development of emission-mitigation strategies and the evaluation of political instruments.

To assist with the appraisal of different planning activities the PERSEUS (Program Package for Emission Reduction Strategies in Energy Use and Supply) program package has been developed, which consists of several modules that can be classified according to their methodological and application-specific criteria. Depending on the strategic questions posed, individually optimised energy and material flow models are assembled from modules which are suitable to the challenges of the problem (e.g. relating to the system boundaries or the detailed depiction of technologies).

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Current and shortly completed projects