Scientific Evaluation of Energy Services

Scientific Evaluation of Energy Services
Scientific support of business models at the BMW Group


BMW Energy Services develops innovative digital energy services for both business and private customers. Within the framework of a joint project, KIT is conducting accompanying research on various business models from a market, techno-economic, and ecological perspective. Products and services of BMW Energy Services will be researched for the following customer groups:

- BMW Group Plants

- Medium-sized companies

- Quarters

- Private customers

During a first phase of the project, methodological foundations were developed. The aim of the second project phase is the scientific research of different business models at BMW Energy Services. The business models address the planning and operation of local energy systems for different customer groups, which include energy consumers, renewable energy systems for own consumption, battery storage and electric vehicles.

To this end, a scientifically based screening of business models and business environment is carried out first, which enables the identification of medium to long-term development potential. These analyses are carried out by the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, and Innovation (EnTechnon) of KIT. At the Institute of Industrial Management and Industrial Production (IIP), three research groups work on the evaluation of business models from the customer's point of view. The assessment is carried out by means of quantitative methods and model-based calculations based on economic efficiency and ecological sustainability. Possible effects of the large-scale application of the business models on the German electricity system are also predicted. The PERSEUS programme package developed at the IIP is used for this purpose.