C/sells: The energy system of the future in the sun arch of southern Germany

  • contact: Nico Lehmann
    Dr. Armin Ardone
  • project group: Distributed energy systems and networks
  • funding: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)
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The ambitious goals of the German Federal Government within the framework of the „Energiewende“ pose a challenge for the future energy supply system. The volatile energy production by renewable energies in conjunction with costumers‘ diverse consumption patterns require a radical change of the whole energy infrastructure.
C/sells is a part of the SINTEG funding program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). Within the framework of C/sells a cellular energy system with high shares of renewable energies is developed and demonstrated to ensure a climate-friendly, efficient and safe energy supply.

Figure: C/sells solution approach
C/cells comprises seven sub projects, whereby the KIT takes the lead of sub project 5.
 sub project 1: project management
 sub project 2: surrounding design
 sub project 3: infrastructure information system
 sub project 4: organization of smart grids
 sub project 5: methods for intelligent real estates and markets
 sub project 6: demonstration of intelligent cells
 sub project 7: implementation of prosumers for real estates in markets



Research focus at the Institute for Industrial Production IIP (KIT)

  • Development and testing of a new market design which enables bidirectional trading on a cellular level.
  • Development of new flexible products which are freely tradable on central supra-regional markets as well as on decentralized regional markets.
  • Analysis of interdependences between the new market designs and existing market structures.
  • Analysis and evaluation of decentralized flexibility potentials by means of agent-based modelling. The agents trade on central markets and can participate on a decentralized flexibility market as well.