Flottenversuch Elektromobilität - Integration von erneuerbaren Energien durch Elektromobilität

Flottenversuch Elektromobilität - integration of renewable energy into electricity networks

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The objective of the research project is to analyze the effects of electromobility on the German energy supply system as a possibility for energy storage in the coming decades using an integrated approach that takes into account technical and economic conditions as well as environmental aspects. In addition, the contribution that electromobility can make to absorbing production peaks and relieving the burden on the grid by means of suitable smart metering methods is to be analyzed. In this context, two central objectives emerge: The technical and economic evaluation of electromobility in connection with the energy system and the question to what extent electromobility in combination with vehicle-to-grid or other system services can contribute to better system integration of renewable energies.

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Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU)



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