WEATHER: Weather Extremes: Assessment of Impacts on Transport Systems and Hazards for European Regions

  • contact:

    Dipl.-Pol. Christian Trinks

  • funding:
    7th Framework Programme-European Commission
  • partner:

    Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung (ISI)
    Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - Hellenic Institute for Transportation (CERTH-HIT)
    Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et de Sciences Humaines - International research Center on Environment and Development (SMASH-CIRED)
    Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems (ISIS)
    Herry Consult GmbH
    Agenzia regionale per la Prevenzione e l'Ambientedell'Emilia Romagna (ARPA)
    NEA Transport Research and Training

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WeatherThe WEATHER project aims at adding to the current state of knowledge on the impacts of extreme weather events on economy and society in total and on European transport systems in particular. The project starts from the broad picture of climate scenarios and breaks them down to specific regions. Economic growth models are applied to study the impacts on economy and society and the inter-relations between transport and other sectors. The vulnerability of transport is assessed mode by mode including infrastructures, operations and intermodal issues. Best practices in emergency management are identified by studying the numerous damage cases world wide as well as options for adapting transport systems to more frequent and / or more extreme weather events are assessed. A particular focal point of the project is to quantify expected damage, emergency and adaptation costs and the benefits of improved emergency management and adaptation. Moreover, the project will identify policy options to implement the recommended measures and demonstrate the competitive potential and the innovation power of a European lead market for adaptation and emergency management technologies and policies. The toolbox of the project consists of literature review, targeted interviews, workshops, cost accounting models and case studies. The project will last for 27 months. The team consists of 8 leading transportation research institutes all having well founded experience in the core research fields of the WEATHER project.