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M. Sc. Carmen Schiel (geb. Mayer)

group: Sustainable Value Chains
room: 119 (Building 06.33)
phone: +49 721 608-44690
fax: +49 721 608-44682
carmen mayerFpe3∂kit edu


In research:

  • TFTEI (former EGTEI): Techno-economic evaluation of industrial emission reduction measures, particularly DeNOx, DeSOx, DeVOCs and DeDusting technologies in large combustion plants and solvent consumption installations  [further information]
  • Assessment of investment projects in the field of energy efficiency and climate friendly industrial production processes


  • Scientific Analysis of the industrial heat and cooling markets

    In education:

    • Exercise "Anlagenwirtschaft" (since WS 2014/15)
    • Lecture "Quality and Controlling" in the series of lectures "Project Management" (since WS 2061/17)
    • Seminar "Project Management" (SoSe 2016)
    • Supervision of Bachelor- and Mastertheses


    Further Activities

    • Since october 2015: elected member of the Faculty Board


    Export of regular and torrefied wood pellets from Chile to Europe and Asia.
    Zimmer, T.; Arteaga-Pérez, L.; Segura, C.; Walter, M.; Mayer, C.; Schultmann, F.
    2018, Mai 16. 26th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE 2018), Kopenhagen, DK, 14.-17. Mai 2018
    ECO PHYSICS’ NOx Detectors / NOx in the Field of Burners and Boilers.
    Mutter, K.; Mayer, C.; Müller, A.-K.; Schultmann, F.; Allemand, N.
    2017. International Environmental Technology, 27 (5), 24-25
    ECO PHYSICS' NOx Detectors [in press].
    Mutter, K.; Mayer, C.; Müller, A.-K.; Schultmann, F.; Allemand, N.
    2017. AWE International, (51), 58-59
    Application of Real Option Methods for Emission Abatement Investments.
    Mayer, C.; Schultmann, F.
    2017. 21st Annual International Conference Real Options: Theory Meets Practice, Boston, 29.06.-01.07.2017
    A Comparison of International Nitrogen Oxide Emission Regulation for the Energy Sector.
    Mayer, C.; Lanzrath, N.; Breun, P.; Schultmann, F.
    2016. Rethinking Sustainability Models and Practices: Challenges for the New and Old World Contexts. Proceedings of the 22nd Annual International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference, 2016, 13th-15th July, Lisbon, P Ed.: J. Joanaz de Melo, 394–406, Lisbon, P.
    Early Stage Investment and Cost Calculation Methodologies for NOx Reduction Measures in Large Combustion Plants.
    Mayer, C.; Müller, A.-K.; Fröhling, M.; Schultmann, F.
    2015. Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Advances in Cleaner Production, May 20th to 22nd, 2015, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1-11
    Wissenschaftlicher Bericht zur Vorbereitung des Erfahrungsberichts zum EEWärmeG.
    Offermann, R.; Thamling, N.; Seefeldt, F.; Steinbach, J.; Sperber, E.; Nast, M.; Bürger, V.; Hesse, T.; Breun, P.; Mayer, C.
    2015. Karlsruhe


    08/2017 - 12/2017
    Interim leader of the research group "Sustainable Supply Chains"
    Since 06/2014 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    Research Associate at the Institute of Industrial Production (IIP) / French-German Institute for environmental research (DFIU)
    04/2012 - 02/2014 University of Stuttgart, M.Sc. in technology management
    Focus areas: technology management, service engineering
    10/2011 - 03/2012 Carl Zeiss AG, Mexico/Germany
    International Internship in technical sales for industrial metrology
    10/2007 - 09/2011 RAFI GmbH und Co. KG and DHBW Ravensburg
    Dual bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and employment in the field of industrial engineering and process development